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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bay of Bengal Programme - Inter-Governmental Organisation (BOBP-IGO)?

The Bay of Bengal Programme or the BOBP as it is popularly known is an Inter-Governmental Organisation (IGO) set up by an agreement, presently signed by four countries - Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka. The IGO was formally set up on 26 April 2003 and discussions are continuing with other countries on the rim of the Bay of Bengal (Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia) for their participation in the IGO. 

What is the role of BOBP-IGO?

The BOBP-IGO is mandated to enhance cooperation among member countries, other countries and organisations in the region and provide technical and management advisory services for sustainable coastal fisheries development and management in the Bay of Bengal region. To fulfil this role, BOBP-IGO has chalked out programmes/ activities for implementation in the coming years (click here to see Programmes/ Activities)

How does the BOBP-IGO function?

The Headquarters of the Organisation are located at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Presently, a small team comprising the Director a.i. (Dr Yugraj Singh Yadava) and the Publication Officer (Mr S Jayaraj) is managing the Secretariat. The Governing Council of the BOBP-IGO, with members drawn from the Focal Ministry in the member countries is under constitution. The Secretariat operates under the policies set by the Governing Council.

How can I access BOBP-IGO publication and other information on the Bay of Bengal region?

The BOBP-IGO publications and software are listed in this website along with their prices. The BOBP-IGO Focal Points and Fisheries Research and Educational Institutions are entitled to receive the publications free of cost. For more details contact at the following address:

Bay of Bengal Programme
Post Box No 1054
91, Saint Mary's Road
Abhiramapuram, Chennai - 600 018
Tamil Nadu, India
Tel: # 91-44-24936188, 24936294; Fax: # 91-44-24936102
Email: bobpysy@md2.vsnl.net.in











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